“Every Mind Is A Magnet!” By Rev. Ike (Thought Power)

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  1. Legend….

  2. 😂😂😂 What ever man . Dam ! How high ?

  3. Rafael Rodriguez II - EL DUO PERFECTO

    Thanks to Rev. Ike about to pick up my 1st Rolls Royce

  4. Permission To Exist

    I’d like him to touch on how to demagnetize the thoughts we don’t want. Say for example we’re exposed to something we can’t turn off or plug our ears/eyes to. How do you get your subconscious to rid itself of the thought?

  5. Bless you Rev.Ike

  6. Mary Haynes-Wilson

    I want to thank you Justin a year ago I wanted more answers about the Law Attractions this open me eyes, he got a bad rap for many years, he was a head of good time I brought your books Justin and Rev. Ike tapes I’ve changed money Is there where ago it wasn’t. Thank you.

  7. what does he mean of `world mind’ here ?

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  9. Thank u so much 💕❤️

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