Express Your Creativity to Help You Win – Bob Proctor

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  1. If you want to learn from this guy, this weekend, learn from him here:

  2. Thabk you Bob

  3. Hello brothers and sisters! I hope you are all having a terrific day. You deserve it!! You were born rich and happy, you deserve to feel that way. I created my channel to offer advice on guiding you towards these! Much love and feel free to swing by and check a video out. Blessings and love

  4. Thanks I needed this message 😍

  5. Alright, creativity just got lit 🙂

  6. Creativity a great subject. Everyone use it from singer to people who build houses. Everyone wants to be in the flow of creativity but something it’s just not happening on that specific thing in our life and why is that? It’s because you habe some kind of body limitation or beleif really deep anchored in you. That’s cool to know that rich but How do i release what’s preventing me from being creative? Watch the video and do the exercice then try the thing you want more creativity about rigth away and see what’s different. You’ll be surprise and it’s just 10 minutes.

  7. Amazing Talk!

  8. Shlangusezwe Zungu

    Thanks a lot Mr Proctor..
    How I wish you include me in your born rich daily program. # huge fan

  9. Shlangusezwe Zungu

    Oh by the way happy birthday sir

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