“Feeling is the Secret” How to FEEL What You Want Into REALITY! (Neville Goddard) Law Of Attraction

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  2. What an amazing and informative video! Love it

  3. Thank you I have not thought about it that far I’ve seen images of what I want but never placed myself in there

  4. Ty for sharing I needed to hear that

  5. Then why don’t we have peace and full disclosure? Those in the shadows do all they can to stop it, yet it’s not “reinforced”…

  6. TY for this wonderful messaging
    Love you Universe
    I am so grateful to the Universe for manifesting all my dreams, desires and goals.

  7. I’ve been studying and practicing Neville for a long time, and just want to say something… “Feeling is the secret” does not at all mean you have to feel good. Neville does say the “isn’t it wonderful” thing to get you in a happy state, but that is not what manifests. Actually feeling it real, is what manifests your desires and you do not have to be in a state of joy at all for this to work. Example, holding a tennis ball. You FEEL the tennis ball in your hand, you FEEL the fuzz on the ball, you FEEL the weight and shape of the ball, you FEEL the ball completely as if you were really holding the ball. THAT is what manifests, not your mood. You could be more pissed off than you’ve ever been in your life and if you practiced that, you would manifest yourself holding a tennis ball. THAT is why people aren’t experiencing manifestations, they believe they have to feel an unrealistic state of joy to manifest and it isn’t true at all, they just have to feel their manifestation, and see it in their imagination. Everything you want to manifest, there are people that already have it, that are pissed off in a negative state. Feeling is the secret, feeling joy is good, but that’s not the secret and is not what is going to manifest what you’re trying to manifest. Living in the state of joy will manifest more of that joyous feeling, but it’s not going to manifest what you want. You can feel joy while manifesting properly, and you can feel anger while manifesting properly, and in both states, you will manifest what you want. If you people want to experience manifestation, just see it and feel it in your imagination every night while falling asleep until you are sleeping. That’s it. Do not worry about if you”re happy or sad, if you do the imaginal act properly it will manifest. Everyone in the loa community puts their focus on raising vibration and becoming more happy and wondering why their manifestations aren’t manifesting… It’s because raising vibration and feeling happy isn’t the true secret of manifestation. Feeling and living your manifestation in your mind while falling asleep until you are asleep is the secret. Feel a tennis ball in your hand every night while falling asleep. Feel it and see it just as if it were real. Do not pay any attention at all to if you are happy, sad, mad, hungry, don’t matter. Do the imaginal act every night while falling asleep until you are sleeping and regardless if you are in a happy state or not, you will manifest a tennis ball in your hand, and once it happens, you will know this shit ain’t no joke. Stop trying to feel unnaturally good and stop trying to raise your vibrations, and just start using the true secret. It’s good to feel good, but that’s not the true secret, what I just said is the true secret to manifestation. Let go of feeling good and focus on feeling your manifestation. You can be pissed off in a new car, don’t worry about feeling good, worry about sitting in the front seat, holding the steering wheel and driving your car as if what’s in your mind is real and what is real is fake. That’s it. Happy, sad, mad, hungry, tired, annoyed, doesn’t matter, you can and will manifest your desires in any of those states as long as you do it right.

  8. If your reading this I am sending you all the love and light you need to make your manifestations come true. I know we all will manifest anything we desire so let’s be grateful ❤️✨

  9. Great info. When you watch this video, please shut down your Ego logical mind and just listen with an open heart and open mind.

  10. No secrets… Everything is open.. No feelings no words no ntg.. Just idiots.

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