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  1. Bob you are great….there is a spark in your content and it’s pure gold….It has helped me so much since last year…It has been a miraculous journey….And finally I started my youtube channel too…Looking forward to engage with you guys….🎉

  2. Wow sir…i have affirmed to get a heart from you..I hope that I get it in this video..and so it confirms my faith on law of attraction..Thank you legend

  3. Wow…this is so awesome! I am so happy and grateful to be featured on the PGI Entrepreneurial Marketplace. Thank you, Bob Proctor and the PGI team!

  4. This is my Brother in whom I am well pleased. Here is a great leader, a mentor and a trail blazer. See you in the marketplace.

  5. why Bob Proctor? what’s the difference of him from the others of The Secret’s teachers? can someone give me a clue?

    • Jerry, all the teachers from the Secret movie are great. However, I connected more deeply with Bob after reading his book, “You Were Born Rich,” over 10 years ago. The material vibrated with me, like it was something I once knew but had temporarily forgotten. It felt like Bob had more clues about who I am meant to be. His story was similar to mine and he has 50+ years of experience learning. I read more of his stuff and followed him. I made the decision to meet him in person two years ago and it has been magic since. So it is not that the other teachers are less worthy, Jerry, it is that I chose to connect more Bob. I hope this helps. Cheers, Jerry!

    • +Shola Salako Thank you i can see how you admire him.

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