Getting Rich is Easy – Change Your Habits & You’ll Change Your Life – (law of attraction)

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  1. What’s the name of the one speaking at the end of the video saying he got millionaire at the age of 31?

  2. Thank you! :3 Just remember that the creator (God) is the provider who gives us all things! :3 <3

  3. I am shocked to see you have a video from Corey Wayne in your playlist! Have you listened to his relationship videos? He is a sex-crazed, manipulative, disrespectful jerk!

    • +Your Youniverse I’m referring to the video listed in your “playlist”, not this video. It’s the second to the last in the list. It’s his video

    • Oh, ooops. I see. I honestly don’t know who he is! With your description of him, I’ll have to go back and watch it to see if I think it’s still a good fit. Thanks for the info!

    • +kjbrocky I haven’t actually watched the video of his on your playlist, but I watched many of his relationship ones a few years ago. So when I saw one of him on here, I thought, “Whaaat?? Yuck!!” Lol!

    • lol, well your description of him certainly sounds like a turn off. I appreciate the head’s up.

    • Kegan Nation Vlogs

      I watch Coach Corey Wayne all the time. His videos are great. Nothing wrong with him at all. Just gotta open up your mind.

  4. Btw, I love your channel!! It’s my fave! Thank you!!

  5. Worry brings fear and fear is crippling ♿️

  6. Ask and God will give you

  7. teaparty rightwinger

    I love the sound of the vinyl record recording! It brings back good nostalgic memories. Such a warm fuzzy sound

  8. I need a mentor/teacher but there is nobody around here like that or even heard of the law of attraction. I must have watched over a hundred of videos like this.

  9. Kinda still leaves you hanging. Well kinda left me hanging or more like wondering unless what is easy to him is being a motivational speaker…

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