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  1. This is one of the best speeches I have heard in our day/time. I love the question and answer format because it makes it off the cuff and Bob is so right on with every answer. I am so happy and grateful I got to hear this and know you. Bless you, all that watch this.

  2. Frances Underwood

    I love this man mindset!!

  3. Who is the person who is referring to. Winning oscar,Grammy…?

  4. Ethiopia Braathen

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.secondly 🙏🙏🙏
    Do you have a couching representative in Norway?
    Best regards
    Ethi Braathen

  5. Bob really bringing the fire today!!!

  6. Brilliant. Thank you so much…I study everyday…I’m loving

  7. Very informatives, i made my mind a long time ago to study everyday and I’ve been doing it every since. Bod, has a video on YouTube call “do you know who you are” and he said if you looking for it you will find it, and I did in a deeper level and since then I’ve been study…I thank you so much you are a big part of my growth..I love you from the bottom of my soul

  8. ❤️❤️❤️

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