Guided Meditation for RAISING Your VIBRATION and CLEARING Negative Energy (Life Changing!)

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  2. Omg it worked I feel so empowered this morning nothing seemed to help ! I was feeling the blues so bad and everything is back to normal !! Tysmmm definitely coming back to this if I ever feel down again !

  3. This always relax me before going into work

  4. Thanking you for this meditation.. Powerful and so relaxing.

  5. I guess i shouldnt do these when im tired, i fell asleep.

  6. Thank you πŸ™ many Blessings to all πŸ’š

  7. The elevator got me above earth. My guide just left me up there. It was a male figure, looking like a piccolo almost. He was tall and slim. I knew my way to the sun and upon realizing that, I started crying a bit. Just felt a first wave of tears down my face. Couldn’t reach the sun though. I was stuck above earth. But up there it was quiet and I imagined the sun to be the light. I confirmed that the heavyness was gone and i felt “lighter”. Know I’m back and feeling much more calm. Think I’ll try this one again πŸ™‚

  8. This is the most beautiful meditation I have done. Thank you. I will be doing it regularly.

  9. How do you make this work? Am I just bad at meditating? How would I imagine an elevator? I don’t know how to make my mind do that. Someone help me out? I want to be able to meditate and raise my vibration.

  10. The effect becomes greater every time I practice this. 3rd day in a row.

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