How are you spending your time? | Bob Proctor

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  2. I love it! Environment is more important then heredity

  3. ThankYouUniverse

    Thank you Bob Proctor

  4. What happened to Bob’s other video?

  5. Myriam Valenzuela

    For two years I have spent my time in solitude and rewiring my brain. I got out of debt, own a business and I am building other sources of income.
    Thank you Bob 🌷
    I wish much success and abundance to everyone reading ❤️

    • The energy through your words is really strong and committed.
      I’m glad it worked out, feels empowering.

  6. Thank you for this powerful message. God bless you always Bob!

  7. Thank you Bob

  8. yes yes yes yes yes.. thank you my love… always and forever thank you..

  9. i see my higher and future self in you, if i ever get to 86 it is amazing to be so young at that age 🙂 life is truly beautiful

  10. Piotr Zientarski

    THERE IS ONLY ONE MIND. I love that <3

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