How Our Beliefs Affects The Quantum Field! (Law Of Attraction)

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  1. Good stuff Greg! Thanks for being one of my teachers, and for taking the time to upload this.

  2. What’s up with the subliminal whispering in the background? I love the message but that is sketchy..

  3. What a bunch of bullshit.

  4. let’s say if you’re the owner of the water tower and you BELIEVE there’s water there. you get there and find out that its empty. that proves Beliefs do not truly create reality. how you experience reality and perceive it is always true existence of yourself. personally I believe we are all infinitely powerful beings that chose to be here and live every exact life experience for good reasons. but I could be wrong.

    • +Jonathan Yeo Life is about Love not religioun. that’s why.

    • +scott dennis

      You are skirting the question. If everything is alright according to you, why should anyone be corrected? How do you expect to be taken seriously when you contradict yourself?

      Life is about love, and according to you it’s okay to rape and murder. If I tried to torture and murder you, since everything is alright, I suppose you wouldn’t stop me, would you?

      Who denies life is about love? If what I said about God providing a way out is true, how is that not love on God’s part?

    • +Jonathan Yeo I don’t know I just felt as tho i needed to tell you what i believe to be the absolute great truths. i don’t feel as tho i contradicted myself. everything is okay. EVERYTHING. and if you tried torturing or murdering me i would try to stop you but if you succeeded in torturing or murdering me then i trust that god will give me strength to endure the suffering and grow through it. i thought you thought religion is what it’s all about and not love. and it’s not love on the Christian god’s part because he expects you to believe in something without evidence or suffer for it. love is about peace and forgiveness. if your god was really loving he wouldn’t punish anyone for so called “sin”

    • +scott dennis

      Honestly, you need to get checked in the head. Seriously, I’m not trying to be snarky here.

      Look, stop evading the issue. Face it squarely. You said EVERYTHING is okay, so why will you try to stop me from hurting you if it’s okay?

      Isn’t sending Jesus to take the punishment for our sins on the cross forgiveness? If you refuse to accept the pardon, what more do you expect God to do?

      It’s precisely because he’s loving that he has to punish sin. If you had a little girl and someone raped and murdered her you want the guy to be punished because he caused harm to someone you love, and also to deter other potential rapists and murderers from causing harm to others.

      As for the no evidence idea, it’s useless to simply assert it. Give evidence that there’s no evidence.

    • +Jonathan Yeo okay if you’re correct about Christianity being true then I really do want to be saved. I sincerely believe jesus exists but I don’t believe everything the bible says. do you think I’m going to hell or heaven?

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  6. I am sorry did we all heared the same thing..u need to change ur beliefs..words and affirmations dont work …THE END …yes now i am motivited and extremely sarcastic.

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