How The Subconscious Controls Your Life! ~(Powerful information!)

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  1. The subconscious is responsible for 95% of the results that you have in your current reality. Once you reprogram your subconscious, it’s a game changer. Only focus on what you want. What you focus on grows and gets planted into the subconscious mind. It’s simple! Thank you for your work and inspiring me to make videos to spread knowledge to the world 🌎 Love to all πŸ’™πŸ’«

  2. Yes! The subconscious mind runs up to 90% of our daily actions and decisions. It holds our belief ststems and if we have beliefs based in lack instead of abundance, we are going to miss out on all he ideas and opportunities necessary in order to be the powerful creator beings we can be. We must shift these beliefs as the #1 intention for our lives in order to manifest heaven on earth. Peace

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  4. Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life! only 5% is controlled by the conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is so powerful, we are powerful. Our Beliefs create our reality, when we create awareness and we are aware of our self-talk and the stories that we tell ourselves, we are more able to train our subconscious mind to let go of our limiting beliefs and be able to create the reality that we want!! Creating awareness is the first step πŸ™‚

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  6. Awesome video sir! I’ve been in the process of reprogramming my subconscious for the past year. And I am seeing a BIG shift in the way I think, say, and do. Thanks to doing my affirmations, meditations, & creative visualizations daily. Again, Thanks for another blockbuster video! Peace!

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  9. Great sage just if I can talk to you πŸ˜‡

  10. We are only aware of about 5% of our cognitive activity, leaving our subconscious to run the show. It is important that we start to reprogram our subconscious mind if it is holding onto negative programming or limiting beliefs. β™₯️ Extraordinary video! 😊✨✨

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