“How The Subconscious Mind Can Assist In Marriage!” | Powerful Information

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  1. I love your videos! They’re always so informative! Thank you ❤️👌🏽💫

  2. “You must take responsibility for the content of your mind.What are you thinking at this moment? What you are thinking is relevant to what you are experiencing.This is accurate. But beyond this is reality, and that is the great gift. Achieving this, then, is more a settling down than a building up. It is the result of becoming still and observant so that you can penetrate your own interpretation. A still mind is a mind that is collecting its own power. It can direct its full resources in any direction, and that is the definition of power in the world.”

  3. Whatever you desire, your subconscious mind can bring to you. Realize that you are perfectly fine and have full control and power over your reality. Peace and love ❤️

  4. Beautiful message. Marriage is a blessing and so powerful.

  5. Thanks. What book is this, pls?

  6. Very good vid ♥️

  7. Can anyone let me know what the title of this book is ?

  8. I am now attracting a man in to my experience who is honest, sincere, loyal, faithful, peaceful, happy and prosperous, these qualities which I admire are sinking down into my subconscious mind now as I dwell upon these characteristics they become a part of me and embodyed subconsciously I know there is an irresistible law of attraction and that I attract to me a man according to my subconscious belief, I attract that which I feel to be true in my subconscious mind I know I can contribute his peace and happiness, he loves my ideas and I loves his ideas, he does not want to make me over neither do I want to make him over, there is a mutual love freedom and respect.

  9. Julia Barron LifeofLifeTiMeS

    Many Blessings

  10. Once you’ve matured, and gain the ability to own up to your selfishness all of this becomes common sense.

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