How The Universe Manifests Your Desires! (Law Of Attraction)

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  1. Id like to ask a question:

    – The universe manifests our desires and our thoughts, TRUE!

    Now what if I dont want the universe to manifest what I think neither my desires?
    I hate how the universe works, so basically I want everything to die and get fucked, I dont like the universe because of how it works, so what now?

    Should I kill myself? Or should I kill everyone and destroy the universe?

  2. ABCFTD9 AlphaBrovoCharlieFoxtrotTangoDeltaNiner

    Intresting video.

  3. Awesome

  4. You know what? I thought this was too good to be true. I thought this is all illogical and probably stupid spiritual crap. Then I noticed how every time I focused really hard on a thought, it would ALWAYS happen no matter how low the chances of it actually happening, and I wanted to find an explanation for this. Now I believe in the law of attraction, and not only do I believe, but I implement it in every aspect of my life. I always used it unconsciously, but now that I’m more aware of if, it’s working much better!

  5. Sugavanesh Chandrasekaran

    So you have million dollar now

  6. Can I manifest 100 billions

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  8. Well said

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