How to ACT AS IF You ALREADY Have What You Want Using The Law of Attraction!

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      LIFE IS TIME AND TIME IS LIFE Warmest greetings to all Given my lack in getting my poetry across without there being any form of me being seen as anything than trying to get your opinion has led me to keep most opinions to self, resulting in this current action of having the faith IN asking the world for their honest opinion of what follows below. Mind due I say my opinion in trying to seek if there might be a chance of others viewing this roughly the way I do, saying I’m not an expect n need to put my mind to rest in my personal experiences that have led me to assume in me defining how I view the relation between LIFE & TIME. If honoured my I kindly ask if there’s any truth in my way of thinking with the little knowledge I know in defining time, life and what follows after this if you happen to share in the same views as me coz I feel there’s more n I can find peace coz I’m stuck, so please shed some light please… 1. Life Through my experiences I think can safely assume that my life is defined by MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, right. 2. Time Through my experiences I think I can safely assume that my time is defined by my PAST TIME, FUTURE TIME AND PRESENT TIME, right? Now this led to identifying the common factors between my TIME & LIFE being the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE right, done as follows by trying to use simple mathematics and logic; 1. LIFE = PAST + PRESENT + FUTURE 2. TIME = PAST + PRESENT + FUTURE Thus resulting in LIFE equalling/being same as TIME… BUT HOW? WHATS THE LINK? WHAT IS THAT COMMON RELATION BETWEEN THESE TWO REALMS? WHAT MAKES THEM EQUAL? I think with if one can identify possible solutions in it then open doors of PURPOSE. Would I be wrong in thinking along these lines to identify ones true purpose of or in LIFE and TIME? PLEASE GUIDE ME IF YOU UNDERSTAND MY POETRY N PLEASE I DO STAND TO BE CORRECTED IF YOUR CORRECTION TRULY MAKES SENSE. N yes I am aware that life is biological process and time is a measurement of events. YOUR LIFE AND TIME IS REAL… SEE HOW YOU/WHO CAN ADD VALUE TO IT, BE IT MONEY, UNDERSTANDING, FEELING, SCIENCE, GOD, ETC… JUST FIND YOUR BALANCE IN ALL THIS BY LETTING THE FEELING OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY BE THE GUIDE(LIGHT)… TRY LIVE HAPPY MY FELLOW HUMAN-BEINGS AT ALL TIMES!!! Thanks

  2. How do u do this with a specific person

  3. Believe also you deserve it. You are already “it”. Just be “it”

  4. This was awesome. Thank you so much.🌹

  5. I have always had a grandiose mansion on the California Coast with a Range Rover.

  6. sounds to me like you just need to be daydreaming as much as possible about what you want and then believe that the dream will come true one day..

  7. Encouraging but this approach should be tried for desiring objects..not people..let’s say a guy likes a girl and becoz he desires to be with her he begins imagining he is already with her..if his imagination spills over reality then he might start stalking the female thinking she’s his GF or mate..does this look good? And is this the right way ? NO..if I am attracted to women or a woman with particular features then I will leave it to universe to send someone to me who fits my idea of a woman desirable to me trusting that the universe will take care of what I desire but the one thing I will not do is try to manifest someone from reality or even think of it..coz love comes from free will..objects don’t have freewill but humans can’t imagine and manifest by trying to control others..It goes against the ethics of love and humanity

    • This is why I don’t create videos about “attracting a specific person” or “getting a text from someone you like.” I, too, believe in the free will of the individual.

  8. Very nice video

  9. Don’t act, BE!

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