How to AWAKEN Your PSYCHIC ABILITIES! TAP into Your ExtraSensory Perception | ESP | Sixth Sense

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    • ESP in every sense is reflex state of muscle twitch within the body as a whole just not in the mind…. Think of the body being a city housing many individuals that we call cells each holds on to a little bit of data but sometimes looses the ability to communicate with the rest… When in perfect sync they become a strong force but with the imbalance of diet exercise stress levels makes the body have to do a go around to function with this being the case. Mostly its stress that is the primary cause and effect…. If one did not apply enough stress the pineal gland does not activate in the way that bring out the higher state because it doesn’t need it…. But once it does then a whole new state of being comes to the fold….. You don’t have to be a vegan or a good or bad person to access this but its directly effected by your emotional state and this is the double edge sword…. fear and guilt are two causes of mental imbalance this conflict causes issues if not address when shown can eat away at the individual from the inside out…. Yes I am talking about killing the individual, this is why when the pineal gland resonates it will bring the blockages to the surface and this is experiences that one isolates once one faces and understands it they move passed it and feel a weight lifted…. This is the untapped power you feel that gives you so much energy, Ive helped allot with issues such as this no meds needed just a focus like an object they can hold when they feel it like quartz as this does sing or vibrate to the individual it will calm the nerves down and this lets them face what is bothering them…. I gave this idea to others including therapist it has worked so there is some use for it… A guided DMT trip also is a way but very violent if not guided correctly…. This is why its a controlled substance, but in reality its easy to make in your home with the understanding of chemistry some planets have large amounts of this substance and in it and needs to be combined with one other chemical the body uses with its sleepy time…. Because you have to be physically disconnected while being in the dreaming state or your body will react to the dream this has to happen. Sometimes when the body is undergoing repair and an error occurs that wakes up the individual they get freaked out…. This happens 1 in every 100 individuals at least once in there lives… So they respond to it as something paranormal or ET like….. Not really the case, and like I have said before when your gland is resonating fear is nothing anymore you can’t have one with the other…. Unless you taken allot of drugs and screwed up the brains function…. The whole spiritual thing does need to be updated to more of the present understanding on how the body works as this was all written for primitive minds we are far beyond that now…. Chakra is wheel flow of chemicals effect cells behavior not outside the body but from the inside projected outside translated as heat sweat and vibration… This attracts other frequencies of light 6 photons or less… If it has enough power we can see such things that gets translated into an energy pattern but not in a physical form your creative mind can give it that. But this is where the fable gland comes into play as you resonate you can pull enough of this energy into view but to us its energy to them we appear as energy…. If this is of something familiar like of a lost love one it could manifest as that person but its not that person just a version of it from another frequency or timeline aka reality…. String theory states we live in a multiverse so all things that can will happen all speeds of time like how long or short the creation of the universe blah blah blah….. It runs on infinite and you can drive yourself back shit crazy thinking about it, this is why never look into the past or see the future live in the present and live life as you want it…. We know nothing of what we really are and what our bodies can do…. 2% at most….. You can not interfere with time as it progresses but view it of the past and possible futures…. The only way such things can come to be is with enough data understanding you can work percentages but an outsider cannot predict shit all about what direction you are taking as we switch frequencies so often as we adjust our thoughts so often because of conflicting data we absorb…. Now going to portals or vortex’s people sometimes catch yes at the corner of the eye it happens…. With tech yes this does work but they do not let things in never the case most of the time its around soft spots and most of the time its near quartz this is why the minds eye can bring them to light….. Now still very unclear as to why other then its a natural thing the earth does as its draws in and releases energy… Its like a magnetic shift of energy like just a slight imbalance that is self correcting some believe its short cuts to other system left behind by older long gone humans.. Back when we had everyone fearing such nonsense as god, man I want to go back and mess with the primitives just like Jesus and Moses did… Stupid people back then and the battle in Egypt that was funny battle of tech to free the slaves or ferengi from star trek you do know that is the point that they where making all the different humanoids are represented by a culture of whatever walk of life on this planet…. its not racist but observation, when you combine all that you see in the world you begin to see why somethings repeat…. The truth comes out showing that all gods are aliens taking control over the primitive masking tech with magic and using that to strike fear to take control and use us to invade other countries to convert them to the same faith…. This is why some animals that could not really survive in some environments was considered against the religion to kill cow in India… is one example….

  2. Amazing video

  3. I feel high when I focus on the third eye . what is supposed to mean ?

  4. Anyone here because of the ‘down the dark hall’ book?

  5. Omg i Have so Easy to come in to a realm with beings in it , somethimes They stand over me , sit on me and somethimes one Have sex with me , i can talk to them and They somethimes do what i say and heal or try to make me go to the astral realm, i can feel and see things in total drakness . Hope i come further sooon

  6. frisk and some blob from SCP foundation

    There are evidence that in a couple of million years, we could have natural born sixth sense with the faster development of our brain

  7. You are born with these abilities you don’t earn them I was already born with these powers.

  8. Hey i just want to bend spoons without snapping them in half

  9. ESP energy both Spiritual and Physical I have that ability

  10. Omg omg I have the ability to move things

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