How to CLEAR Cellular MEMORIES That BLOCK MANIFESTATIONS! (Law of Attraction Exercise)

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  1. Your chanel is a pot of gold… YouTube in general….Thank you!

  2. Sometimes I wonder how your journey began…

  3. Thank you for your channel! šŸ™

  4. What a great presentation you have done, thank you for sharing your great knowledge

  5. YES,YES.YES, to a hugely wonderful gift !!! very liberating and freeing !! LOVE IT!! Thank you with all my heart , S.H.

  6. This information makes perfect sense. We are made up of energy frequency and light, basic building blocks of our universe and reality. Now I can look at one of the first paragraphs of genesis in a new light and understanding…And GOD said or “SPOKE” Let there be light.. mind blowing for sure

  7. OMG. This worked instantly. Iā€™m so glad I found this channel.

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    Excellent. I love this narrator’s voice. It is so soothing to me.

  9. explain amnesia

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