How to CONTROL Your MIND! (The Secret to Creating A New Reality!) Law Of Attraction – Use THIS!

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  1. 😎🤗🤗🤔👍☃️😀

  2. this is the greatest video so far to teach .the mind creates your world and when you still it you create space with in to create what you want love to all

  3. I never thought of having one sided love and heart breaks then do I keep attracting such people in my life who will never reciprocate my feelings and hurt my feelings. This is the second time I have faced one sided love. It is so painful. I don’t deserve this.

    • Shreyoshi Biswas 1. Find what it is that you want, you will know what you really want when you are willing to do anything to get it, when you really want it you will find time and energy it has to be a BURNING DESIRE, something you have to have at all costs
      2. Make a DECISION to make it happen, you will know that you have truly made that decision when you start making time and putting in the effort every day, and you are stead fast in your willpower to follow the blue print with no exceptions
      3. Have BELIEF that you can, have so much confidence and willpower that you KNOW you are going to make it happen no matter what comes your way and no matter how big and impossible it may seem, because the truth is the best things that have ever been accomplished were not known how to do until after it was accomplished
      4. Make a list of the things you want and read that list 3 times a day morning afternoon and before bed, every time you read the list do your best to use your perception to see things as glass half full, example when you read the list think about how happy you are that you are making these things happen and be grateful that they are coming your way
      5. Create an affirmation in the present tense that helps your goal, say this affirmation with authority and enthusiasm, let the subconscious mind know you mean business when you say it, then say this affirmation at different times throughout your day out loud and sometimes only in your mind
      6. Make a big deal about the positive things in your day to yourself and those who you may know that are willing to listen and be happy for you, DO NOT talk or dwell on the negative things, and stay away from outside negativity
      7. Listen to subliminal messages of positive things both while you sleep and sometimes when you find the chance also during your day
      8. Make a habit to study positive material every day no exceptions, I recommend anything that deals with the law of attraction and changing the subconscious mind
      9. Bless your food and drinks with love and gratitude, do this as a feeling and a thought in your mind
      10. Before you go to sleep, take 5-10 minutes to get into a relaxed state of body mind and emotion, and then visualize your goal or goals being accomplished in the present tense as if you were experiencing them already or even try to see a version of yourself happy and experiencing the life of your goals
      11. Stay aware of where you are coming from each moment, come from within you, that part of you that is confident and loving
      12. Respond to experiences instead of reacting, when you respond you are staying focused and not allowing your normal habitual behavior to come through
      13. Stay strong no matter what even if you happen to run into something and it looks like all is lost, STAY STRONG and push through it with awareness and love, you will find that what you are looking for is right around the corner

    • +Josh Brown thank you so much for your advise. Will definitely follow.😃

    • raindrops Fukushima flavored

      +Josh Brown
      Very Nice.. Much love to you 💞

    • Shreyoshi Biswas last thing I will say is to read this action plan a couple times, make sure you sink into your mind everything it says from step 1-13 because the reason people never follow through is because they cannot get past their subconscious mental habits, you will not get everything in just one glance you must make it repetitive, think of how you know English or your basic times tables it’s because it became subconscious

    • +Josh Brown sure I will do that.. thank you once again..

  4. Inspire The World

    I have a favor of God and he always helps me on my way to life.

  5. Nice!👍

  6. Румен Бонев

    My perception of life dictates my reality.

  7. Wow, thank you for sharing this amazing video! I really needed to hear this. I wrote all the phrases down and will say them everyday I wake up. I hear that’s the best time to program your subconscious mind. Again, thank you so much for this amazing video!

  8. Pro: I always love hearing Jessica’s voice giving pristine advice. Good video.

    Con: that terrible, four chord background music prevents this from being a “great” video.

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