How to Create and Attract High-Vibe Relationships & Friendships

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  1. Absolutely needed this👌💛

  2. Timeless Abundance Co

    It’d be really cool if there was an app that we could meet people on the same vibration in our city.

  3. I love you so much. Thanks a mill for this.

  4. Please do a utube on cord cutting. I’m trying to break a bond from a toxic relationship.

  5. You are the REALEST. Thank you for making this video ❤️

  6. manefestation is whats up, thank you

  7. Very helpful 🌷 you are such a natural beauty btw. #stunning

  8. Eloisa Añasco Villavicencio

    Adorable!! 💋💋👏🤩❤

  9. If anyone wants to be friends I’m available ❤️

  10. This is JUST what I need to hear in my life right now…I feel like Im growing OUT of being very stuck, for too long… I know & have faith that the universe will reveal like minded souls
    into my life! Smart heartfelt advice- Thank you Leeor!!!!!!

  11. “” DONT BE A PEOPLE PLEASER” This is really good advice… Because it’s not the real you… And because it’s energy draining.

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