How to Create NEW BELIEFS That ATTRACT What You Want! (The Secret to Manifesting) Law of Attraction

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  1. *✅ Recommended Video: Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation | Raise Your Consciousness & Activate Your Higher Self ➡***

  2. How do you get rid of a limiting belief that is true? It’s hard to go against reality.

    • im God like to this game of life


    • The House of Manifesting

      Tell yourself my current reality is only because Of what I used to believe. Your current reality is only from past programming of what you thought, spoke and the. experienced. You can start creating a new reality by reframing your past experiences, removing any negative emotions associated with it and restructure a new ‘experience’ with the words you think and speak.

  3. im God like to this game of life

    I believe in the power of creating good manifestation for example why create sad life with negative beliefs while u can create joy with positive beliefs which will in turn change your life this is basically mediation 🧘

  4. This is one of the BEST ONES I’ve heard to date! And there’s another one that came up right after that is also one of the BEST ONES I’ve heard to date! I’ll reply to my comment here to share it with others! These two are soooo transforming! I’ve been looping these since I woke up! I feel like I actually know what to do to find, break (reprogram) and integrate my blocks, finally! Everyone needs to hear both of these! And I have to say, for some reason, I absolutely LOVE YOUR VOICE! It is so powerful for me, it convinces my subconscious mind and spirit, like you are the Voice of Truth. There’s a man who sometimes talks too and his voice has the same effect on me. THANK YOU!!!! Please create more!!!! You are seriously helping this here girl with growth and ascension! More guided meditations too! You should be bigger and reach a wider audience! Well, if that’s what you want. You’d help soooo many people! I just LOVE YOU BOTH! Gratitude, Love, Light and Namaste you beautiful souls!!!! 🙏🏻❤️💡💕💪🏼🎶😃☺️

    • Ha! And what’s the first comment I see after my post here? “Recommended Guided Meditation…”! See? You’re already helping me manifest! WTF?! (Twilight Zone music plays 🎶🤔😂) YAY! 🥳


    • Your Youniverse

      Thank you for your kind words. So happy you find value in the content! (The male narrator is my son, Lee.) 🙏

  5. Love this thank you Jessica 🙏💚

  6. I like these exercises and activities that helps a person mentality. Keep these videos coming please ☀

  7. Thank you so much for this video..Lovely😊

  8. Your absolutely amazing 🔥❤️ love your channel 😁😍

  9. You do great work on this channel – well done and thanks

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