How to Detach From Your Desires Effortlessly & Manifest Faster (law of attraction)

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  1. Your Youniverse

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  2. I have literally nothing to distract my mind of my desire. I keep thinking about it all day long. This desire will be life changing for me when I achieve it. But because I think about it too much, with the impatience of getting it, I often find myself frustrated of not having it yet. I trust in universe and all that but it is taking so long. Please advise

  3. Thank you.

  4. Great video

  5. Ancient Bloodline of Light

    This video is a manifestation, i was just working on the ability to detach, I thank you guys so much for always being a service to us.

    You are one of the inspirations for my channel, check it out if you’d like, namaste 🙏🏽

  6. Thank you

  7. I manifested $500 recently. This is real guys, LOA is no joke. Money is not evil at all. I’ve learned that recently by listening to these videos. We deserve to have it, we deserve to be abundant, we deserve to to be happy. Money is energy, I am energy, you are energy. Look it at that way and money will be your realty. My sister was shocked at the way I got the $500, she said I did witchcraft I said no just LOA baby! Lol. Thanks Your Youniverse, your videos helped a lot. I have a lot more coming.

  8. I needed this I especially now..I’ve been practicing the LOA for years but keeping my Vibrational Volt constantly open is the goal for me. And I know detaching myself from what I desire is an issue. I manifested my wedding dress, I was determined to go in a bridal shop 1 week before my wedding to find my idea dress for under $600. Everything I had looked at n the shop that I like was $1200. I sat in the dressing room and never wavered I knew my perfect dress was there for the price I wanted to pay..The sales lady looked and was like I’m afraid the dress style you want is 1,200..I told her my perfect dress is here for $600 . She asked me to wait a few more minutes she wanted to recheck the discount area that she had already checked. She came back about 10 min later and said I found this dress which is weird because I had just checked that area..I took one look at the dress and it was my perfect wedding dress for $500.She was n shock about finding that dress that she didn’t even see the first time she looked in the sales rack area but I wasn’t. I never wavered n that dressing room and before I got to the shop that I had never ever been in I knew my perfect dress was there for the price I wanted to pay.
    My second manifestation was last year when I hit the lottery it was for about $500. A number kept appearing in my phone and although I’m not a big lottery player I kept feeling an urge like a push to play the number. It would appear on my phone like the time but it was stuck on this particular number. So I played it for 3 days waiting fo r it to hit, nothing! The 4th day I played it and went about my business detaching myself with the process of winning the lottery it came out that day. So detaching yourself from your desires works amazingly you just have to remind yourself of the process when trying to manifest what you want. And even with my 2 testimonies I still have to train my mind and body to detach myself from my desires in order to manifest them.. Peace&Blessings

  9. If you detach from your desires can you still visualize about it?

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