How to ENERGIZE Your Intentions the RIGHT Way to MANIFEST MORE of What You Want! (law of attraction)

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  1. Wouldn’t we be all gods of this was real plz explain

  2. I set the intention to be happy a while ago. Soon after I kept seeing things like stores called ‘happy dogs’, ‘happy ice’. It went on and on. Almost at every turn I would, and still do, encounter happy related themes. I take pics of the manifestations and have lots now. It’s my magic photo board. Even this video can be added to my collection. What makes me happy? Well, I would have to say my connection to Source is the best. Next is my knowledge that all my photos of pre manifestation signs and what they are pointing to makes me happy to contemplate the actual realization and physical manifestation at the appointed time. It’s like knowing you won the lottery but you’re waiting on the check. The magic of all the signs is so powerful. I’ve commented before about how reality molds itself to our intentions. The universe tells you, ‘I have received your request and the answer is always yes, so here’s some magic to inspire you and fill you with a sense of wonder’. As each sign manifests it blows me away. But the main thing with me is knowing it’s Source at work. And it gives me a deep desire to be intimate with Source. A true love. A silent, deeply felt contemplation on the unseen. Feeling it in my soul with an empty mind. I call that ‘the birthday cake’. I call the stuff, ‘the crumbs’. Why? The crumbs are temporary and the birthday cake is eternal. Crumbs are good things no doubt but nothing fills me with sweet fire like the Source. I’m in love. Enamored by Source. My ever present invisible friend. Next time you manifest consider the Source. Then you’ll be like that one leper out of the ten who actually got it .

  3. Powerful lesson. I also love the background music!

  4. Dharani kumar reddy

    Thanks alot sir and to my mother Universe

  5. Absolutely. Your energy field needs to be switched on.

  6. Thanks I appreciate the video fam

  7. The means and the end, are one. This also applies towards many of the things we do to sacrifice (present) happiness, in order to potentially gain security and happiness later in life. Like, living in poverty, having little to eat, in order to afford college for 4 years, to get a career that provides higher income. Only for some to realize that “success” was a failure, because, all things considered, they’re not that much happier than they were.

    “If you are not happy here and now, you never will be.”
    Taisen Deshimaru

  8. “Those who are in earnest, delight in earnestness, and do not die. Those who are thoughtless, are as if dead already.”

  9. Amazing energy play,thanks,keep it coming

  10. …not the energy but the flow of energy.. Priceless

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