How to Expand Your Awareness

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  1. Nur jannah Hidayah

    hi bob proctor, i just want share something happen to me, and definitely i don’t understand until now. One day my sickness came in the middle of night (gastritis very bad one) and out of medicine, the pain kick really hard, my back bone feel numb. I find a way, i don’t know how i think that time but i just use my ‘logic thinking’ that time, i take my phone and plug my ear with music i like, it’s really hurt that time, but i just pay attention the song and little by little my pain gone as i enjoy the music. And now i don’t need my med, i just need what i love, and my mind stop focus to the pain. You’re right Bob Proctor, mind is powerful. If all human know how to control their mind, pharmaceutical will no longer make billion a year. Now i become more healthy without med. I can get up early, when i use my med i’m not morning person, i feel tired, depression and easy to feel angry. Now i become more calm. Thank you Bob Proctor.

  2. The problem is no one has ever seen the mind…

  3. Thank you Bob for your presentation about the conscious mind I wish when I was younger I discovered my paradigm shift I probably be in a better position today just tired thank you

  4. Thank you Bob ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  5. Mr proctor your a legend. thank you so much for changing my life, your a gift to the world.

  6. Why are you not successful ? The reason is what you fixed not correct time to time change the value it related to content value change your fixed value .this is the reason for my success .higher officer read my content the value must change to be in further give him.that is in reality of work .yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  7. What is the base to believe you how many times you pay in two years what you say lying no truth in your speach .no faith on you you fail so many times .what I will get in my service to human nothing help to me. Yshk viswanathamMsc Bed.

  8. Thank you!!!

  9. Jesus morning Wallace domenic Catania

    Save your own life before you give advice to others especially when you lie All day

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