How to Find Your Life Purpose

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    • Proctor Gallagher Institute i want to work for Bob and Sandy. How do i go abouts and do that =)

    • The woman that he remembered was Damaris Bessie?

    • Proctor Gallagher Institute love this keep a eye on my I’m really trying hard to achieve and my artist skills and music bye ear and singing and carpentry to create and I understand that spiritual being 100% complete and all very great stuff please help me let this flow thru me and let me be the best stevenbullock I can be bob I need your help with wealth health prosperity and knowledge much love from my heart I need to break my paradigm

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    Thank you.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you bob.

  4. I just got to keep getting further in my life I’m a artist I can draw I can sing I can create on carpentry I can play basketball very well what is my purpose in life I’m trying I’m trying to keep close to you bob one paradigm in Las Vegas and my life I’m trying to follow your seeds on my email to make money off blogs and funnels and all to make a income on my own i love life and people and helping people please help me more

  5. I never understood Purpose, Vision and Goals so clearly, until Bob explained it here. Great job Bob and great job Sandy for asking the question!

  6. you changed it all man, I owe you Alot my friend

  7. Am going to a live Bon Proctor seminar 😃

  8. Bob Proctor stole my wallet in 1983 …….. May be it was another Bob Proctor ….

  9. My life goes up from here. Thank you for this inspiring video. May God Bless you for your endless giving.

  10. GT Global Prosperity

    Thank you Bob Proctor for guiding us!

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