How To “Kid” Yourself To Success! ( Law Of Attraction)

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  1. Love you bro💯

  2. This advice is spot on. I have used this in a competitive swimming event & one my race. I used it when younger to go on a school camping trip. This advice is nothing new. However, I find the way this man explains things very good & that is half of the battle. The other half is understanding how to apply & remain positive in thought even when we maybe experiencing the opposite. Eventually these tests pass, & if you practice visually regularly & believe it blindly you can achieve absolutely anything!!

  3. I sometimes think, if you can doubt yourself and be negative, you can do the exact opposite. The same effort you put into being negative can be used as effort you put into being positive.

  4. agree with ya 😉

  5. So last month I was thinking that the moment I have all the money I want, I would definitely have the a specific part of Colfax road fixed so that the road won’t be as bumpy.
    Last week, they started scraping the road and yesterday started to pour asphalt.
    I’m like… How? What? Why? Wow!

  6. that’s right….just a word of warning though…alot of people may find you looney and think you’re living in a fairytale the thing is though, you will laugh in the end and they wont understand the magic. i want to say goodluck to everyone, but you dont need it when you know you already have your desires waiting for you.

  7. It’s a miracle that you came into my life to make me aware of the powerful force LOA

  8. I’m on the process of making me legendary once accomplish I’m visiting you 🤝

  9. Hello Justin,
    I hope you will respond because I can’t get anyone to answer me this question but I’ve already had that feeling like I’ve already got what I want but when should I “Let Go” so I can receive? What I’m trying to ask is when should I stop the affirmation process?

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