How to Manifest Anything by Aligning With Your Creative Power! (Powerful Law of Attraction Exercise)

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  1. *✅ Recommended Video: Law of Attraction Habits That Changed My Life! (Manifestation Tips & Techniques That Work!) ➡ ***

    • Which video is the most powerful mantel arsenal tool You recommend to watch?

    • Holy Jesus, Mary & Joseph. I love your magnificent videos!!! The content is always excellent, your teaching style is stellar and your delivery is crystal-clear & flawless. I also enjoy your very soothing Southern accent/voice. It sounds a bit like Trisha Yearwood speaking. 😄 God bless you. 💙

  2. I’ve done this for 10 years and haven’t gotten any closer to what I really want and who I want to be.

    • Anastasia Vaccaro

      Magicstar. I would recommend you buy The power of your subconscious mind by Dr.Joseph Murphy…. It has worked wonders for me….the book is easy to understand & if you follow his instructions it will you give you amazing results… Once you understand the difference of your conscious & subconscious mind. Love & light

    • Hahahah same here

    • Frank Fernandez

      @Anastasia Vaccaro I DREAM OF VACCARO It was very nice of you to give him the answer to his 10-year wish. I hope he reads the part that most people miss.! Are you aware of the part that Neville was six months late to be taught by Abdullah

    • My Lovely Watches

      And that is normal, because law of attraction has couple of secrets that nobody is talking about. You haven’t succeeded because the energy behind your goals is a negative one. A repulsive one. You desire different things from the energy of proving your worth, get accepted or get validation. Your desire should be focused on: if I could have anything, what would that be? Regardless of anyone’s else expectations of me and without me considering anyone’s else’s wishes

    • Try the “Law of Attraction Meditation” on this channel as you go to sleep and wake up and do not ask ‘HOW things will manifest”? Just BELIEVE and leave the HOW to the Universe to work out. You could also google “Brad Yates Fear of Having What you Want” and do Emotional Freedom Technique with him, he is brilliant and generous like this channel and will help to clear your “block”. 🙏

  3. Thank you. I’ve been doing similar, but this is going to work better. Love all your videos. ❤️

  4. Dear Jessica: After losing the beautiful home I owned for 35 years because of property developers illegally acquiring the freehold, I created the home of my dreams to rent using your brilliant “Law of Attraction Meditation”. I imagined it was recorded by young beautiful blond twins sitting opposite each other at a table reading the soundtrack together, I wonder who it really was, she is perfect! By the way I am a 73 year old woman successfully but slowly recovering from SRA/MKUltra Torture! I really love the ingenuity of your “How to FORCE the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to MANIFEST What You Want’ and reading the comments I am absolutely certain it would help me “What if my old home was returned to me legally without me having to do anything”? Unfortunately I only have an IPhone and am not a bit “techie” and don’t believe I can download the MP3, although I have tried. Is there a possibility that you could put it on utube in full for everybody with my difficulties? I would be so very grateful and believe it would change my life and many others, particularly at the moment “what would it look like to have Peace on Earth”. And is there anyway that I could pay for this from the U.K. which I would be happy to do? You obviously have to make a living! I hope you are still looking at the comments as this is a recent video and I see your ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wishing you the greatest success with your manifestations, Namaste 🙏

    • You may find something pertinent to your interests at her website: If you read the description box to this video you will see a link for it as well as many other things, including a way to support her financially for her work on YouTube.

    • Hi! I love your manifestation success! 🙂 If you purchased that MP3 and had difficulty downloading it, you can send an email to to get some support for this. We’ll be happy to walk you through it! 🙂 Wishing you more amazing success well! And thank you to Jacob for your kind comment and support!

  5. 1:34 gets walked in on
    “hey what were you just doing?”

  6. Galactic Religion

    I got a bubbly feeling in my stomach bro….damn!!! This shit is so powerful!

  7. Very true💗

  8. I am a manifestor

  9. I cant say what “IM CREATOR” meditation do to me. I listen it over 20 days now. That beautiful voice, music , 528frequency…makes me cry every time . I never listen that kind of medit.-affirmation. Its so special…. even Im not in deep meditative state (but im going better over better, and deeper), I see the diffrence in my thinking, behavior, and positivity. Even im alone in this awekening , and I had no one to share this, my familly,people around had no idea what am I doing. This is my secret…..for now. And your meditations makes me “everything will be ok, everything is coming” . I feel like im not alone . There are a lot of people around who are becoming awake and recognize, and living our TRUTH. I said TRUTH.
    And I giving grattitude for all beautiful loa and spiritual coaches who do this beautiful thing for humankind. THANK YOU MISS JESSICA, for everything you do for us. And all of you beautiful people who reading this, Everything will be ok, we need to surrender our dreams to a Great Force , its weird now , just bcs its new to us. Nobody tell us that. Ride the wave. Dream big ,and nothing less. And make our Home a paradise.

    Im sendin love from Croatia .

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