How to MASTER Your FREQUENCY to CHANGE Your REALITY! (POWERFUL Technique!) Law of Attraction

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  1. The Observer Effect & The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS! (How Quantum Physics Explains Reality)

  2. Kayula Mwanamwenge

    It works, this actually works

  3. Your channel is a TRUE blessing!! Namaste!

  4. Dang it I always sleep when I open this video and say this is going to change my life!!!

  5. Most amazing thing to hear … Thankyou for sharing the light

  6. Incredibly beautiful and yummy!

  7. This exercise made me feel a little dizzy but it definitely worked

  8. This Video is SO precious!!! I truly felt magical! Thank you so much

  9. I fucked up my frequency on acid so badly to a point that “messages” from the universe had to come through my friend multiple times to warn me not to go any deeper.. I did, not knowing how to control it and now my mind feels in a limbo type of state. I’m still feeling it and really need help fixing it. Thanks.

  10. Wow… Thank you for the wonderful knowledge you are sharing with us…

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