How to Program Yourself to Become Rich

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  1. Funny when I was a kid my mom put me in a ballet academy where the rich danced. Years later my mom was going to withdraw me from my classes but the owner offered me a scholarship.

    Later on in life I had my financial challeneges. I changed my paradigm by making poor choices. Years later I didnt want that anymore now I work around Corporate lawyers, Rocket Engineeree for NASA, Standford Medical Doctors and all who I have gained such respect from because of how I work. I feel that I have a high calling and that a 9-5 isn’t my life calling. I know what I want to be and how I want to live. Thank you for this content.

  2. Profoundly Powerful Thanks Again Bob!

  3. We R literally all born 100% programed & then another100% more PROGRAMED by our up bringing. Basically We R screwed at birth. Our life is already DECIDED for Us.

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Obrigado a Bob Proctor e toda sua equipe! Cada momento, cada respiração, aprendo uma nova lição e me esforço colocando-a na prática em minha vida! Já tomei a minha decisão, estou aprendendo como refletir a minha nova realidade aqui nesse plano vibracional! Eu sinto que ela real!

  6. My brain is alive and well.

  7. I love your work Mr. Proctor and my Daughter loves watching you every chance she gets

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    You are Good very good

  9. Environment is very very important because it become a mental programming

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