How to Shift Your Paradigm | Bob Proctor

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    • Dominic Siciliano

      Paradigm Shift is outstanding! Can’t wait to go round 3 with it! Had my first last Fall and my life has improved so much since engaging with the material! I am happier healthier and wealthier just because I now understand my programming and have aligned my new programming with the natural laws of the universe that are naturally set up with love for us and our success.

    • Does anyone know if you receive that manual when you register and do the seminar?

    • Teodor-George Borz

      Thomas S. Kuhn coined the term “paradigm shift” in 1962, in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. I think this should be acknowledged in your talks when you explain the concept, before expanding it further. Thanks Bob for your greatly inspiring work. Teodor

  2. Hey Bob how can I get a physical copy of the paradigm shift?

  3. Well Said Bob!!!! Thankx so much:-)

  4. Brilliant, as always!!!

  5. dhanashree dangat

    Where can i get this manual book of paradigm shift?

  6. Andreia Gonzalez

    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏽

  7. You had me up until you said ‘the people (God) who wrote the code for the Acorn, didn’t really know what they were doing’!

  8. The 31 dislikes . Boo ! Lol

  9. solider of the apocalypse

    Free game

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