How to Speak the Language of the Subconscious Mind for FAST Manifestation! (Law of Attraction)

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  1. *✅ WATCH NEXT: How to REWRITE Your Internal Programs to Attract What You Want! ➡️ ***

  2. I’m finding it too easy to manifest negative stuff, to the point where I am scared of what I wish for. I am constantly requesting that the universe doesn’t deliver the last negative thing that came into my mind. Negative stuff becomes real at a rapid rate, far faster than the nice stuff I request.

    • You habituated it to the point it’s now harmful , respect your life , respect life , don’t think you so smart about it all , be wise with your intent , represent and promote life, the real hearted you can never fail , don’t just say that you are , be that real heart or dead end yourself , I hold no credentials so my advice is meaningless, or should I be Marcus Aurelious for you to value me

    • I need to flip it, so that the good stuff comes easy not the bad stuff.

    • It’s also best to start small. Sure you may think of a lot of bad things but I bet there are good things you think about too! And it’s far better to be happy about the things you can do than the things you can’t. Practicing before you go to bed, about 3-4 things that made you happy throughout the day and why they did can really improve your way of thinking. And there’s no need to be discouraged if it takes a while, that’s the fun in it! Over time the results come, so I say keep going until it comes true!

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  4. Hi Jessica. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, we really appreciate it. I have a question, I have been in the process of manifesting something in my life for a year now and in my head its already done, I mean I see myself in the future with my manifestation to the point that I already made all kinds of plans and I think of it often. Is it bad that i’m putting to much attention to what’s going to happen after my manifestation comes to my experience?

    • Not at all! If it feels good to you, go with it! I’ve immersed myself in this way for things I’ve manifested as well, living as-if it’s already so. I only caution people to “let it go” when it feels frustrating to think about it so the resistance is released 🙂 🙏

    • It’s only enabling it more power , so way to go , hope it’s no more of that negativity , then that be bad

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  8. Jessica, you hv changed my life w/these messages. Eternally grateful. 🎈Pls just one request? Could you sprinkle a little more detail about the crucial need for healthy desires? It took me years, to wade through the clouds of unhealthy desires. And btw, what would the Universe do with an unhealthy desire? Ty🌸

  9. Mind is not in the brain. Mind is our human body. Is this correct.

  10. I love your visuals you use in your videos!

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