How to Use Persistence to Increase Your Results!

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  1. Greatly appreciate the posting of this video. The audio/visual properties are very good, and so the information comes across as intended. I DO have a pertinent suggestion, however. Inasmuch as many of the instructional videos come with text or illustrations on the screen, to illustrate a point, it would be more effective overall, if the “Value from the Vault” banner were either smaller, or perhaps done in transparent block text, OR if a small logo were used which did not obscure the video’s text and or illustrations. I believe that would add value to the vault of videos. Again, I thank you for all your efforts and the subject matter you have chosen to post.

  2. i have been persistent in reading neville goddard lectures. i used to read two neville goddard lectures a day. now i read one.
    i’m persistent in speaking words of wealth. when i pass by a bank, i say i have 900 million dollars in that bank. or i have 100 million shares of walmart, when i pass by a walmart
    i have been persistent in reading numbers 14:28 and isaiah 55:11. so tell them, as surely as i live, declares the Lord, i will do to you the very thing i heard you say. my word will not return to me empty. my word always produces fruit. my word always produces results.
    i have been persistent in watching two visualization videos that i got from youtube
    i have been persistent in saying something marvelous is happening to me now. miracles are happening to me now, i have won. a few other things i’ve been persistent with

  3. Bob Proctor, Thank you for your persistence to enlighten the minds of those of us who are wisdom and knowledge seekers…


  5. Yosef House of Israel

    great stuff. truly refreshing truth to build on and with

  6. Travel The World

    100% GOLD … Thank you frm Australia

  7. Pure Gold

  8. Timelessly relevant!

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