How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest the Perfect Job, Relationship & Money! (Success Story!)

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  2. Supper idea
    We all had need these success stories

  3. Hey Jessica I love your piercing eyes 🙂 the rings in there eco in the cubconscious resinating confidence comfort harmony in a room with no walls like of a place a beautiful soul resides.

  4. Looks like it too her several years to manifest what she wanted.

  5. Thanks success story

  6. Michael Englehart

    why is her eyes glowing yellow?

  7. Kerry Thorsteinson-Koskela

    AMAZING!!! I love it and am so very very happy and excited for YOU!!! awww…warms my heary cockles…and adds a little to my gratitude bucket, twofer deal right there! Get it girl…GET IT!!!

  8. It’s wonderful to see that my story resonated with some of you, and I’m hopeful that it helped reinforce your faith in the process. My goal was to demonstrate that sometimes manifestation is not always a clear and clean process. Sometimes we feel that the universe is putting obstacles in our way, or steering us in an unwanted path. I’ve found that each time I faced these challenges in my journey, they ALWAYS turned out to actually be the stepping stones that lead me to actualizing my dreams. The events that at times appeared to be dissapointments and roadblocks were the very same events that brought about my manifestations. So it’s important to understand that what often looks like an obstacle or a set-back is actually the universe delivering your manifestation from a different direction than you had expected. As most people probably know, it’s not our job to be concerned with the HOW. The realization of our intents and goals can come about in very unexpected ways. Our job is to focus on the end result. As Neville Goddard cited in one of his talks “you don’t start in the beginning, you start at the end” (I’m paraphrazing) but the point of his message is to focus on what we want the end result to be, not on how it will come about. If we stay persistent and steadfast in the knowledge that the Law of Attraction is always working, we can apply it to reach any goal. (and yes, sometimes a little patience may be required, too). So at those times that you feel discouraged and are tempted to give up, shift your perspective, and consider the probability that what you want is still coming to you, but might simply coming to you from a different direction. 🙂

  9. Thank you.

  10. Wishing you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !:)

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