How To Use The Subconscious To Your Advantage! (Law Of Attraction)

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  1. I thought for years that i had such an awesome childhood. What happened in matters of 18-20 years of my life that changed it all. I used to think that god provides that lovely life to children as a concession. So that we are ready for challenges of life during youth and during old times. All those examples used to come in my mind that we were so cool in childhood. So what went wrong.Our personality and attitude was far better than one of the best leaders we see around us during that time. I think today that earnest desire to know this reality came true. Thanks bro.

  2. Pro tip for working with the subconscious: Work with symbolism and associations. Think of a particular object you have on the desk, what words or colours or shapes come to mind when you think of it? Some of them might seem completely unrelated to its actual function, and this is because your subconscious has absorbed near enough every such association its ever been fed. So make use of some of these, writing a list of goals? Stick a few smiley faces and little suns on the end, or setting out a series of goals all towards one end? Draw them as a tree with the end goal being the fruit on it, little things like this seem like complete time wastes to the conscious mind, but the subconscious LOVES that kind of stuff and eats it up and gives you positive feedback in the results.

    Speaking of such symbolism, stick a few positive affirmations on post-it notes around your work area through the day. The first few days you won’t notice any difference, but after a week or two you’ll notice huge boosts in your mood.

    Those are just a couple of smaller examples but the real uses for this can go much deeper.

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