How to Use Will Power to Create A New Reality – A Key Ingredient to Manifest Desires!

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    Recommended Video: How to Detach From Your Desires Effortlessly & Manifest Faster!

  2. Completely beautiful !!! Thank you this is just what was missing.

  3. I love your videos

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    Oh how I love this.πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ†πŸ’― Subscribe if ya wanna.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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  6. The beginning of the video shows the back of a head with an open door. I have stopped the video here to comment. Why? It’s a powerful manifestation for me. My self work recently has been inspired to come up with a method to completely undo the old programming. I guess it’s self hypnosis. This came to me.. I had an inspiration to visualize happy faces going through my brain like an army of immune system cells that go after an army of dark unhappy faces in the brain. The smiley faces are yellow. The unhappy faces are black. The smiley faces grab the unhappy faces and drag them to a door at the back of my head and throw them out. Outside the door are flowers with smiley faces that emit a powerful laser beam that zaps the unhappy faces. Then I had more inspiration . I pictured some of the smiley faces going down a tunnel into the subconscious to pull micro chips off the walls, which represent the early childhood programs. They too get dragged to the door, tossed out, and zapped by the flowers. Also, some of the unhappy faces I pictured as having roots, which represent the stubborn negetive thoughts . They get torn out by the smiley faces and tossed out the door for zapping. When this inspiration came I realized my subconscious had assisted me with this imagery. It had gotten the message I want a completely new ego. This type of visualization must be done several times daily, or as often as you feel the urge. Before bed, in the morning and through out the day. You don’t have to meditate or close your eyes . Or you can do it with eyes closed. My feeling is each person can create their own visualization once the intention to completely re doing the ego is clear. I am creating a mind free of all negetivity . It’s possible. If you realize it then it’s possible. A silent mind as a general experience of self with lovely thoughts that bubble up. The new you . The happy self. And the universe will indeed confirm that intention with signs. Like the beginning of your video. Brothers and sisters of Your Universe , we are linked in consciousness . I’m so thrilled. We are going to rock this world from top to bottom. We are the true change. All of us who know these things. Now, back to the video. By the way. The narrator has the perfect voice. So does the lady narrator. Source inspired.

    • Fantastic. I do a similar visualization myself wherein I imagine small microchips in my mind being removed for thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve me. Sounds a bit strange, but it definitely works with repetition. Thank you for sharing this….great technique! πŸ™‚

    • isnt the synchronicity amazing? its the same with the flowers. it just electrifies me! To know you are one with the Creator. Not as any belief. But as living experience. Why should we live with an old program? Our mind needs a complete scouring out of the old content. This synchronicity needs to get deep down into the heart. It clearly reveals you have the power to change the world. Your channel can change the world. Your channel can awaken many. Know that is the truth. Coz it is. Know your voice has the authority of the Creator. Which ties into one of the other videos on the channel. ‘My Father is Lord of the world and He is directing His power through me’. The synchronicity proves the truth of this statement. No matter what type effect you have on others you are going to touch them on some level. And that level is the Father’s business coz its His work, his will…and His LOVE!

  7. More. I tell people this. Look at a flower. Is it in any way imperfect? They think for a moment and say, no. Then I say, how then are you not pefect? Religion has damaged many people. However, there is more to this. No one will escape the past life karma. Once that debt is paid, then you can get on with the evolution of your soul. Karma isn’t sin. It’s a self correcting system for this and other worlds. Our essense is perfection . Our physical nature has an unconscious aspect . Untill it awakens. The mode of creation seems to be learning by experience. You awaken to your Divinity. And realize that responsibility and power. Unique to you. Can you change the world? Yes. You will wake up to your higher calling if the Creator has called you to change the world. You never thought you were destined to change the world. Did you? And why not you? Yeah..YOU. You right there reading this. Welcome aboard. You have been called.

  8. How can you know events are past life karma? Again, I’d say it’s a personal realization based on awareness. That awareness is also confirmed by synchronicity and signs . Once this penny drops it teaches you something very important. You now have the opportunity to resolve the choices of every life you’ve lived. You will realize the events of all those other lives are mirrored on the current one. Here is a helpful suggestion for anyone to move past resentment . Instead of blaming anyone for what they do, take responsibility . Tell yourself that you have reaped what you sowed in a past life. That what happened to you is what you dishes out to that person. It’s very humbling. It takes the focus of them and affords you the opportunity to not respond in old patterns. This way you clean your end up regardless of what others may have done. You as creator have created the experience . Also, one’s pain cannot be avoided. It must be consciously experienced and released. I mean you must feel the pain. Take your attention right into it and hold it there. Let it hurt. Don’t run. If you do that you will release it. Facing and releasing your pain is part of paying your debt. I refer to it as the pain of a thousand years. It’s the debt you owe yourself coz you stuffed that pain in many ways each life but you can’t escape that either . It’s stuck in your energy field. Perhaps that’s why self help is so big these days. There’s lyrics in a punk rock song that say.. ‘I gotta get away from me’. But you can’t . You gotta pay your debt and face your pain. Then you can apply the teaching and change your reality. Depends on your debt how much you gotta pay. Each soul is unique. Each debt is unique. Each awakening is unique too. ☺️

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