How to VISUALIZE Correctly So You Can MANIFEST FASTER! (POWERFUL Subconscious Mind Technique!)

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    • Your Youniverse
      I would like to express my gratitude. You have been so very instrumental in helping me to learn that I AM the only person that can untangle my mind’s knot…
      You have an immensely calming voice πŸ’š

    • Your Youniverse do you do coaching ???

    • Your Youniverse thank you for your advice and tip. I have always had a can do adittude but always felt grumpy. I am happy, health I have more energy and I have been noticing a lot of synchronicity in my life. The universe has been giving me small gifts I told my self I was going to look at compact tractors Saturday. I felt to busy mowing to do so well my mower had some issues and I laughed and told myself it was meant to be. So I went to look and test drive tractors. Only an hour left of the promotion the local dealership was having. I talked to a sales associate. Told him what I was looking for , he gave me ticket for the chance to win a free tractor in December. We talked a little bit more he gave me another ticket to win a free weed eater. Monday I got a phone call to come and pick up my new weed eater (very reputable brand). Thank you for your YouTube videos. P.S. It was a simple fix on my mower I came back home and finished mowing πŸ˜‰ LIFE IS GOOD. My birthday is 7 days away and I am happy healthy and on my way to the top. THANK YOU AGAIN .

  2. You have contributed greatly to my life and I can’t say thank you enough. Your voice is like iconic to me now because of all the insights it delivered. I hope you are doing wonderful and thank you again

  3. I LOVE your voice. I am so happy to see you. Your vids that you narrate have always caught my “ear” you have great voice over talent and vocals. You have great content and appreciate it.
    I am sure if you marketed a demo of your narrations you would get a lot of voice over work ( extra money to invest in your channel or work from home career) or just accept my compliment. πŸ™‚

  4. thank you soooo much dear..

  5. Thank you, thank you for explaining about how to visualized more effectively by activating our five senses! Love your voice and I’m so grateful for all of the great content that you share with all of us specially the science part of all of this. Now time to go put this into practice.. Blessings!

  6. I am so delighted to find this because I’m such a practical β€˜show me’ kinda person….this makes so much sense. Just thank you! Have spent several months trying to master the art of meditation and visualisation and this feels like a real AHA moment.

  7. Thank you for your channel. I love your voice

  8. Sorry im a little slow, im confused, so am i actually seeing my full self in the visualization? Or just seeing through my eyes, and wouldnt seeing through my eyes be better? Because thats more like real life, than viewing myself as like im not me… not sure which one you were saying, great video i cant wait to try this technique, just wondering which way do i do it? For best results

  9. βœ…πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Love this video Jessica and the explanation is spot on… also I just wanted to say your hair is amazing I love it!!!!✌🏽😎

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