If You CHANGE YOUR SELF IMAGE You’ll CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (My First Time on Camera) Law of Attraction

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  1. Recommended Video: The Most POWERFUL TECHNIQUE to REPROGRAM the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (Do THIS Five Minutes Before Sleep!)

    • Your Youniverse thank you so much for everything ive managed to reverse a really terrible chapter of my life suffering with epilepsy. I tell people and they don’t understand but i believe and i can say i have manifested health i eat better, i drink less and my epilepsy symptoms have calm down and I’ve even reduced pharmaceuticals. I still haven’t manifested wealth or anything but i can feel it in my bones, the greatness i know there’s more for me its just not here yet if that makes sense. Keep up the good work and if u can try to use layman’s terms plz as sometimes i have to pause then go find the meaning lol.. i dont mind though if it’s too much work. Your youniverse is great i love it I’m finding myself day by day thank you. It’s kinda hard to imagine how i was living before

    • Has anyone ever mentioned that you sound a bit like Sheldon’s girlfriend amy from the big bang?

    • +Truth Network, thank you so much for your nice comment. I’m so happy you’ve been able to see progress with your own personal challenges! I will take your advice on “layman’s terms.” My intent is always to break things down so they’re easy to understand; I know I have a very scientific brain and sometimes get carried away. As far as Sheldon’s girlfriend (Mayim Bialik), no one has said that to me before, but I can see that!

    • Dear Jessica, I Appreciate The Actual Person Behind The Amazingly Great Channel, Thank You And Good Luck…

    • Wow, I’m exactly in the place you were marriage issues no, but I am putting my children thru school with a cleaning business. And have recently stumbled apon spirituality. I must make a change for my sanity!! Thank you for sharing 😊

  2. Hi Jessica. Thank you so very much for making your presentations available on Youtube. Your content is phenomenal–you explain the concepts so thoroughly and in a format that is easy to understand. Please keep up the great work, and also know that we value you!

    • Thank you for your kinds words and support. I am truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing community of people. 🙂 🙏

    • +Your Youniverse You’re leading the way, and we’re happy to learn from you! Honestly, you have such a wonderful way of explaining the concepts. I’ve been reading this material for years–works such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; The Science of Success by Wallace Wattles; The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel; Discover the Power Within by Eric Butterworth; The Secret of The Ages by Robert Collier–well, you get the picture. Your presentations help lock all of the information together. Thank you sincerely!

  3. I thought you were black

  4. Pretty crazy. Very similar lives except backward. It was after my divorce of a 33 year marriage that I moved out of a bubble and quickly 2nd guessed everything I believed in as society had changed so much and the 2 relationships that were most valued by me became inconsequential due to …..well basically some crazy shit. I thought there was no way that our creator who could do so much perfectly would create us to live in this type of environment. I searched and found Abraham Hicks, Power Thoughts and then your channel which I devoured.I already grasped the concept but you gave me the tools and the instructions. Lots of positive change in the last few months. Thank you for putting a face to the voice I fall asleep to nightly and thank you for your time and all you do. I aspire to give back by sharing with others when I reach that point but for now all of my time is spent learning as much as I can and you have been so influential in that aspect. This is how it works though. 1 is blessed through the knowledge of the 1 before and they pass it on to the next. You are my one. Thank you

  5. I like the documentary style don’t give that up. Or at least do a mix of both would be best.

  6. can you release a good video, hour or two, of binaural beats? for meditation?

  7. You are the same girl from Your Universe!!!

  8. awesome!

  9. thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I had a challenging upbringing with a malignant narcissist mother and a classic narcissist father. I am managing depression but I find your information super helpful ! ☺

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