Increasing Your Income

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  1. Reality is need now no boosting is more .yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  2. “Programs, GET YA PROGRAMS here”

  3. It’s funny when you come across these sort of videos and realise you’re already setup to become successful so they give you even more inspiration to continue what you’re doing and to keep improving.

  4. MSI initials stand for what?

  5. There really is something about this universe stuff. I keep going back and forth to it. I’m either absolutely obsessed and focused on it, or absolutely obsessed and focused against it. But any time I enter the “yes” cycle of learning this stuff, the words I think and write immediately start showing up. Bob Proctor will say the word “shift” and I realize I’m sitting in traffic looking at a neon traffic sign saying the same thing. I’ll write the word “absolutely” as I’m working on my website and Bob Proctor says the word in the video the moment I start typing it.

    Maybe I need to keep the “on” switch for a little bit longer before giving up this cycle around…

  6. Philquasia Campbell

    HA!. he was rendering service whie he was sleep tehehe……see this why im broke FOCUS Quasia

  7. tomas cristiano tauzene

    Thank you Bob for your educational videos.

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