(Instagram Live) Your SELF-TALK Becomes Your Reality! “

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  1. The moving camera is such a distraction to your message. Good message though.

  2. I am a millionaire..
    Thank you!

  3. Intercessor Moses

    All is information and information creates things. I will be very rich this year, roger that. I no longer “pray.” I just repeat affirmations to myself until they become solid things. I am affirming for the Salvation of Muslims and within two weeks, General Soleimani gets assassinated. An evil act by America but will open up the Muslim world big time. Just watch the space and you can check my channel for updates

    • Hi dear! I wish u a wonderful beautiful year 2020.
      I didn’t want to bother u but i couldn’t stop myself from asking, pardon me for that. If i repeat my statements constantly, will they actually become true?
      Hope u answer me 🙏
      Best wishes for u.
      So much love and blessings 💕

  4. That smile tho! 🥰 Thank u!

  5. Love the personality! Thank you for your time and energy.

  6. Great to put a face on the guy that has changed millions of lives:) your videos are life changing. Thank you

  7. Love and light too all

  8. Dope man! Just met your buddy Cedric. He put me on. Totally resonate with this 💪🧠

  9. Thank You My Brother.

    Much Love, and the best of wishes for this and every new year.


  10. Awesome video. Tell it Justin.

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