It’s Not Too Late! | Bob Proctor

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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

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  2. Just magnificent. It calls my attention, Bob and Sandy, that most geniuses are admired after they are gone. But gush! You have it all, and you deserve it!
    Congrats and, once again, Thank you!❤

  3. As soon a see this video and I check the time ,the time was 10:10 I know for everything that is happening in my life a I know that something great is coming and some day in the near future we are going to meet.,,thank you sir for your words,time and work ,god bless you and your lovely family ….

    • Carlos Jaime mine was 11:11

    • Lucas Michael is the beginning of something great stay tuned you are going in the right path!!, “” this is synchronicity”” How often do you see this repetition numbers? How do you fill wen you see this master numbers!?… 😊👍✌️

    • Carlos Jaime 🙏🏽 right our manifestations are knocking at the door…and God bless you and your family as well.

    • Lucas Michael wooow just woooow look at this,I order on 1-25-20 and they said that I was going to get it before 2-5-20 the book “”think and grow rich”” and I was thinking about it and I said in to my self that this book I’m going to get soon ,wooow I just got here from yesterday to today,, see what I mean! Something great is coming “please be prepared “ thank you god and universe…. god bless 😁😊

  4. Jhosh person is IQ for an others people better than knowledge

  5. One day I’m gonna meet you bob! You made me think about make this world a better world let me show my goals you gonna love it! Where are you I’m in NYC I can fly anywhere to meet you for a 30 minutes talk! That’s the only thing I ask! Ignore my channel it was before I was awake I didn’t believe and I failed but now I know what I want and what I’m getting! I’m putting all my energy in this comment cause I know you gonna answer me and I know I will be able to meet you in person real sooon!!!

  6. Phenomenal video & event to attend! & IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!!!! 💯😃

  7. i love the visuals to this. Well edited. Awesome to the TEAM.!❤😃

  8. Love you so much Thank You

  9. Music is much louder than words…..

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