Journaling & Abundance Log Method (EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE) | Leeor Alexandra

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    Thanks for watching my loves!

    • Leeor Alexandra , he thr wanted an advice on how do we maintain abundance log for manifesting good relationships, thank you in advance, pls help

    • Uhm I have a question, can I just type my manifestation on my laptop or phone instead of writing it?

    • Hi Leeor Alexandra, how are you? I love your videos and this one definitely sticks out. I know it’s a year late cause I tried using LEEOR50 it doesn’t work anymore. I was wondering if you have a new promo code to use to purchase these Beautiful Journals! Please and Thank You for any help!

  2. I am so grateful for you and your helpful videos.thank you!

  3. Does your discount codes still work? because I put it in and it didn’t take it it said it was invalid

  4. I desire a romantic and blissful phone call from the love of my life today by 9:30am pm tonight I feel so grateful and happy

  5. Thank You Leeor

  6. Great idea.thank you.

  7. SwEEtBuTTerFlygirl17

    GUYS THIS REALLY WORKS! I’ve been doing this method since this video originally went up, and I’m telling you, the abundance log has always brought me more financial abundance. Do this especially if you are between jobs or you are starting your own business. I’ve just received the highest paying job that I’ve ever had in my life after doing this for a for a few weeks. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I go through three journals a year. Invest in beautiful journals and quality pens. See results. ✨🦋🌹🦋✨

  9. You should do a collaboration with them

  10. Just came across this video last week… However your idea for an abundance log is AWESOME! Just picked up my new abundance journal today 🙂

  11. Can I get some help? I used to journal religiously as a form of manifestation. I was always at a (almost) perfect vibration or energy level when writing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One day my fairly closed minded friend found and went through this journal without my permission. She even ignored the very specific notes on the first page or two that this was only for my eyes, and then questioned and criticized me as to why I was writing about stuff that hadn’t or would never happen. She didn’t understand and I wasn’t prepared to explain. Long story short I haven’t journaled in months because I cannot get back to that energy, and I don’t feel safe or confident in writing again. How can I get back to how I was before?

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