June “Law Of Attraction” Instagram Compilation!

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  1. I have been visiolizing an audi Q7 sine about 4 months every day for 20 mins and havent stopt studying. Unfortunatly still nothing has happend or changed whats so ever.
    Can someone help me I would really appritiate it !

    • Sounds like you need to let it go for a bit, let it work its magic. You might be trying too bard, giving your subconscious the message that you don’t really trust it can bring you the audi? Good luck 🙂

    • +Sea Chelle *hard

    • first of all thanks very much for your comment!!
      You say i should let it go for a bit…
      so do you mean to stop visiulizing ?

  2. Roberto Rodriguez

    real talk brah

  3. Christine Avellino

    You are so inspiring & impeccable with your word. Sending good vibes your way. ✨

  4. I keep finding money. People keep giving me money. I just went on an all expense paid vacation… I’ve listened to affirmations maybe three times a week and things have just been manifesting for me. Hope everyone experience this. Speak it

  5. My husband got a raise during the 30 day challenge! Woo hoo! New house here we come.

  6. Wish I had better results to report, but……..

  7. God is faithful,…keep that fire stoked and never failing!!! Speak life!!!

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