Keeping Your Mind Right During Times of Adversity

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  1. Abirami Poobalasingam


  2. Elenita Nonamaker

    One of the greatest.

  3. I’m so gratefull!!! In this moment, this is right thinking.

  4. This time is NOT a bad time, it’s a time for you to focus on yourself and get better and better. I’m looking at this pandemic as an opportunity!

  5. so welcomed right now!!! Thank You Bob…Love and Blessing to you et Al…

  6. The universe doesn’t respond to your attitude it only responds to your vibration- your attitude- the way you think, feel and act determines what you attract in to your life. Think-feel-act>>attract.


    Hey Bob,when this is over,please hold a paradigm shift conference in Africa.Alot of us need this information down here.

  8. Bob Proctor ” The essence of wisdom”. You are a great teacher.
    Also I like background music at the end of the video. Please what’s its name?

  9. Thank you.

  10. ok why did this make me cry

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