“l AM” A MONEY MAGNET! Power Affirmations (Program Your Mind to Attract Wealth!) Law Of Attraction

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    • Hello.

      I have an important question.

      I’m trying to manifest my favorite celebrity to follow me on social media. 

      He’s very active with his fans.

      Is that possible to do?

  2. Ty😘🙏😘👏👏

  3. I am the master to prosperity. Money comes to me easy. Lord look at my money tree in Jesus name. I have planted my money seeds. Every months for years I send my aunt money because she was a share cropper I know she doesn’t get much. Lord bless me so I can be more of a blessings to many. I am at peace with lots of money. Lord release huge blessings to me, so I can freely pay other to drive me back and forth and some to help me in the home as I am aging. I need help. With my abundance I will be able to pay them as they help me daily. My brother is becoming homeless, Lord bless him with a home in Jesus name I am praying amen .

  4. I AM greatfull

  5. I bring money into form by thinking of it. Great affirmations.🤑💚

  6. 👍🙂🙏

  7. Subramanian Chenniappan

    Great affirmations. It echoes in right ear,middle of brain and left ear. Great. Waiting for testimonials

  8. 💚💚💚 beautiful, thank you Jessica. 🖖

  9. Amazing affirmations

  10. Can you do an afformation video sometime, and perhaps a guided meditation with afformations? I’ve been looking for an hour long afformation video that I can use every day, but it seems most creators are still using affirmations instead of afformations.

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