Law Of Attraction Inspirational SUCCESS STORY! Manifesting A Move With Visualization!

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  1. Recommended Video: Do THIS Every Day to See Miracles in Your Life! (Life Changing Technique!)

  2. Very inspiring 😍

  3. This is exactly what I’ve been seeking. Someone telling step by step how it “HAPPENED” for them!

  4. This a guy is wonderful thank you for this message!

  5. Jessica do you “life coach”? I would really really really like for you to coach me. I will pay please email me

    • Hi there. I’m not engaging in private coaching at this time. I’ve decided to put my working hours into the channel and a few other projects. If I go back to it, I’ll definitely make an announcement. 🙂

  6. Great manifesting story and very helps. Thank you! I’ve b working on manifesting a move from Florida to North Carolina to build a log home in the mountains for 5 years. I must not be doing something right. You are inspiring!

  7. Thank you so much about this, thank you the universe

  8. Thaaanks!!!!! I am manifesting my moving soon!!!!!! 😀

  9. Hello Jessica,Thank you for having Tirrell tell us his story. I was inspired!His eyes are so expressive, and his energy resonates with me.

  10. This LAW is absolutely amazing. Or should I say awaking is amazing! While he was talking about his Mango tacos, I was thinking how I went for a walk on a park trail and thought ” it would be great to see a big beautiful butterfly.” The worse were completely out my mouth before a big beautiful butterfly flew in front of me. I was like “WOW!” Then he said about manifesting small thing like butterflies and show a picture of a beautiful butterfly.. I love my new reality 😁

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