Law Of Attraction Meditation: Affirmations to Build Self Confidence Self Worth & Inner Power!

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  1. *✅ Recommended Video: How to Use the Law Of Attraction to Manifest the BIG Stuff! ➡ ***

  2. Going to listen to this every morning

  3. Is it necessary to mentally repeat the affirmation or should I just listen to it?

    As my native language is different, will this subliminal affirmation work on my subconscious?

    • It seems as though you know enough English for your subconscious mind to pick up on the affirmations. You can just listen or run it in the background as you do other things. If you want to repeat the affirmations, that’s ok too! 🙂

    • @Your Youniverse Thanks

  4. Dear Jessica..This is what i was longing for few years..Cant thank you enough for this work of are a true blessing in disguise! Much love

  5. You are always exceeding our expectations. This is sooo helpful! What would we do without you?!!!!! THANKS!!!

  6. én biztos nem leszek alázatos tanulója egy cyberg médiának:)))))))))

  7. Amazing, I am grateful that I have come to know your channel. 🙏
    Thank you so much…

  8. This literally changed my life as things are starting to manifest before me! I am blessed! I hope everyone finds success!

    • Hmmmm, seriously how could that be? This video was published just a few hours ago and it’s changed your life and things are starting to manifest? Uh huh.

    • By “This”, I mean, positive affirmations, law of attraction, positive mindset, not necessarily this video only.. Find a video that suits you and feel uplifted with. 😊

  9. Very good to relax with. The music was very helpful. It got me thinking positively. Thank you very much!

  10. I hope everyone has a great day 💜💜

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