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  1. 1. practice gratitude
    2. drink water and eat more living foods (you are what you eat—> Good food =good vibration
    3. listen to music! (do things that inspire you)
    4. take walks in nature (absorb the natural vibrations!
    5. get rid of negative energy, let go of grudges
    6. start day with gratitude and end it by reflecting

  2. Thank you for these reminders! I am doing all of these!!

  3. Seriously so obsessed!! I’ve been watching all of your videos it’s so helpful! ❤️

  4. So quick story, the first day I started writing in my notebook about applying the law of attraction to my life (after watching one of your video’s) I wrote that I would heal my relationships with my step-daughter & my old friend I betrayed years ago who I no longer had contact with. I am a only child who was raised by a covert-narcissist mother & I had adapted some of her ways. With a lot of work I released those negative ways & mind set but I still had those two tarnished relationships in the universe. I wrote that I would heal those relationships & low & behold my step-daughter moved from another state to come live with myself & her father & we talked about our past relationship & left it in the past & have been able to move forward & TRULY be happy. My old friend that I betrayed years ago that I had no contact with well, we ran into each other at the grocery store & I was able to apologize about the betrayal. We exchange numbers & we talk more & now I truly feel healed & happy! Thank you for your video’s! Because of you I over came two of the biggest hurdles in my life. My life has became so much better & it’s only going to get better! Thank you again😘

  5. Gosh you are glowing and beautiful

  6. i love your energy. you are vibrating at high frequency. you are so beautiful… to day you are one of good thing i have seen. thank you

  7. I listen to Allen Stone 😉 or Nahko 😉

  8. Hi Leeor! Do you have any plans to go back to Thailand for a holiday?

    Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the moment?

  9. I noticed a lot of people actually negative self talks themselves, like a friend of mine naturally calling herself trash for no reason. It’s like it became a habit of her lowering herself

  10. I usually eat the macaroni salad from Wendy’s cuz it makes me feel good 😂😌

  11. How do i raise my vibrations:
    1. Listen to my favorite music
    2. Try to dance
    3. Play with my pet 🙂
    4. Eat my favorite chocolate YUM!
    5. Spend some ME time and appreciate what I’ve got in life
    6. (My fav) Every weekend morning, go to beach and a quiet place and meditate

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