Law of Attraction Success Stories: Instant Manifestation, Physical Changes, Career Success & MONEY!

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    • Saraswathy Krishnan

      Alamdeep’s Vlogs can you share the subliminal that you used.

    • Princess Mya aka h3arts04

      Leeor Alexandra 😘🐘thank you! Kol has not responded to me for about 3 months in emails but I have no idea how he’s doing or what happened to him.if u talk to him,tell him mya is worried! Sending love πŸ’• and high vibes!😘

    • Please do a video on your favorite books that you have read over the LOA and self improvement/mindfulness.

    • This is rather a question and I want an answer from someone who is so much into Law of Attraction as you are. I have used this trick many times before and it has been manifested if not immediately, then after some time definitely.
      I am an undergraduate student from India and had always dreamt of getting a PhD in psychology from a prestigious American university. But as the time is coming close to applying ( I have to apply next year) I have my doubts creeping. I don’t know if I am good enough or qualified enough to receive my post grad admission at a prestigious university while managing my finances ( I have topped my school and my college consecutively and my research work although on a small scale is appreciated). I find it practically hard to imagine myself where I dream of myself to be.
      Is there anyway you can help me with in my situation?

    • Leeor Alexandra, can I get the desired face with LOA

  2. Moonchild ArmyBTS

    Hi Leeor, I have a question. I’m using manifestation to change my physical appearance (more precisely, my face) and it is working. I want to become an artist, and I’m actually worried that people will hate me and say that I’ve done plastic surgeries as my desire face looks nothing like my actual face.

    Do you have any solution that I could use to avoid this??

    • What are you noticing that’s changing? Are your changes that drastic that people would end up believing you had PS? You’re on the right path I’m shocked! My tip would be to take pics and post them frequently so that the change will be gradual and not drastic πŸ™‚ this way nobody will accuse you of surgery !

  3. i am so thankful for all law of attraction videos i was able to menifest my ideal height in 2 1/2 months i am so happy and grateful. i also menifested dimples i don’t remember when i started trying to manifest but somehow now i have one cute dimple on one cheek…<3

  4. The Tina story is so inspiring! It’s definitely important to stick up for yourself and it overall made me feel nice listening to it!

  5. I need to manifest some money in my life!

  6. I menifested it, I was 4’11, my height is 5’3 inch now, universe always listens, I also improved my appearance and now m getting merried to handsome and rich guy in my community, m feeling so happy!!!
    Thank u universe!!! Thank u god!!!😘😘😘

  7. Okay so, I discovered the law of attraction 2 year ago but never really practiced it until 3 months ago. It changed my life. I used to suffer of low self esteem and was always negative about myself. I used to think that I wasn’t good enough, that nobody wanted be and guess what? I only attracted bad things in my life. A little manifestation that made me believe in it happened unintentionally: I was doing my hair and I needed a new clip hair lol. I only had colorful ones but I wanted it black.. so I visualized how I would look with that clip hair and the I asked my mum to buy it that morning. Guess what? That same morning I was in my school gym sat on a bench and someone throwed it to me with his foot, right near my feet. I piked up that little black thing on the floor appeared from nowhere and it was that clip hair in the same size and color I wanted. I was speechless. I still have it here, like my first manifestation. I’m currently working on changing some little things of my appearance like my height.. I still don’t have results, but I know they will happen! Definitely going to use the method of the first girl changing her height. πŸ™‚

  8. 卓豫婷。

    Okay, so a few weeks ago I didn’t get accepted into Swim practice on Saturdays ( a swimming program), and I remember how I really want it to go and, you know, I was upset and kind of jealous cuz my little brother got in and I didn’t. I completely forgot about the swim for the past weeks, and today I just got an email saying that I’m in! I’m so happy!! I literally forgot about swim, and didn’t care anymore, and it manifested! Thank you Leeor Alexandra!

  9. I also want to increase my height. .this video is helpful 😍

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