Law of Attraction – The Secret of Your Power ★ Connection with the Infinite Spirit

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  1. Sounds like its encouraging possession. If u dont know what your doing, things will get messed up. This in not the same as the law of attraction.

  2. I would enjoy knowing the written source this man is reading from.

  3. What book did this come from? It sounds like Neville Goddard or Joseph Murphy? Are there continuing excerpts on this channel? Also, for Jeffrey Harper regarding the speaker’s voice: I find his voice soothing and pleasant. I think that when he reads a direct quote he changes his inflexion to indicate that. Please enjoy the content he offers.

  4. Marta Williams Pianist

    How true, how inspiring, how awesome,
    Thank you

  5. Words that has touch my soul, I will share. Thank you. 😊

  6. Well said.

  7. Jamilah Abdul-mujeeb

    This truth is resonating with every fiber of my being. I am getting emotional just listening. So many things I am already aware I have a deeper and more dynamic understanding of.

  8. Nothing but facts

  9. Super super super video

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