Law of Attraction Workshop: Is Your Energy in ALIGNMENT with Your Manifestation? (Powerful Stuff!)

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  1. *✅ Recommended Video: My Law of Attraction “Bridge” Technique ➡️***

  2. I have the energy of $6 million. All I have to do is turn it to tangible reality

  3. Thank you Jessica. I love how she breaks down the law of attraction.

  4. I wish I had her as a teacher in school. She is amazing. I totally follow her. Thank you.

  5. Wow! Just found this! You two are a beautiful win for the world team. Thank you.

  6. Shelia is amazing! She provides such a great perspective!

  7. youre a TRUE Blessing!!!

  8. OK good to see you Jessica and yes I went a subscribed to her channel TY

  9. no need for an either or with God and Manifestation . My prayer for healing is exactly as she visualized for her friend . What do I SEE as I pray ? “Thank You God for my strong flexible knees. I see myself running and dancing. I am grateful to You that You have made me complete and whole. ” As I See Myself, So Am I ! No conflict here .

  10. Good to finally put a face on that amazing voice

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