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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    If you truly want to learn how to earn more money, we can show you how. Click the following link and fill out the form to receive more information:

    • Proctor Gallagher Institute thank you for your blessings

    • LISEN UP !!! 😊 everyone hi ! Iam hoping everyone is enjoying this small clips, video’s thank you everybody at PGi and Mr.Bob & Sandy God bless for putting everything together. It’s Amazing just to listen to this key detail motivational words. If everyone could just think for 5 minutes of your own thoughts ? Were did it take you as person in your mind & thoughts. Your thoughts took you back and forth in matter of seconds to the PAST the PRESENT. & a GLIMPSE towards to FUTURE of were ya needs to be. “Right” now everytime your thoughts get interrupted or polluted of negative things of life past history actually this are lifes lessons that made the person you are today heres something you can exercise follow everthing you did that helped you out up to that point were you feel nervous about going foward STOP really start talking to God or The Universe explain it to The Wind let it carry those words and ask in return for a positive ANSWER & outcome… Look you have to take action and get in tune the right Track. Ask a Stranger for their honest opinion and something that you came across Frankston all the people there at Proctor & Gallagher Institute they’re there to help you to achieve and to succeed a better goal for your life for your health for your wealth and being a better person…. I’m sharing this with you the community I’m not getting paid for all this I’m doing this for myself I’m learning also a little short clips and videos that I see has helped me and pulled me out of things then I really couldn’t understand and those paradigms are there… Trust me you’re not going to regret listening to mr. Bob Proctor and Miss Sandy Gallagher are there Consultants there are not trying to trick you into nothing they’re only trying to open up your mind your thoughts the frequencies from the heavens Two Earths he’s connected I hope this will help somebody out God blessing have an awesome time learning about yourselves like I’m doing learning about myself and to prosper and reach your goals have a great day

  2. Funny this video comes out on payday. My check after taxes/deductions for 40 hours is $374. (-_-)

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  4. One day i will join you Bob.
    Lots of Love πŸ’

  5. 555

    = 22
    My answer

  6. πŸ’²πŸ™Œ

  7. Yes Yes Yes I AM

  8. hello bob. it’s you who opened my mind to network marketing.

  9. you were interviewed by matei i think and the topic is visualization, think and grow rich. i listened to it last mid of sept. i then seek for an upline since i am using a product i like, studied the conpany and the product. i am applying what i am learning from your videos. so i joined them last sept 30. i want to have a breakthrough. i will update you. i want to attend your seminar by next year. again thank you for sharing to us around the world.

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