Learn the biggest lesson from one of Bob Proctor’s closest students …

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  2. Thank you so much!!!!!

  3. THE ACTUAL SECRET TO ALL BOBS TEACHING IS IN 9:34-9:37….your welcome 😉

    • “Have to accept an idea…”

      when people finally realize that “WE DON’T ACT, but are acted on” by ideas we have subjected ourselves toward & they in turn move us “only and singularly” for their expression or accomplishment. THINK this thru & you would have discover a powerful so called secret.

    • Power of awareness, chapter 21 Free will, by Neville Goddard!

      “…the illusion of free will TO DO is but ignorance of the law of assumption (aka subjective acceptance of an idea) upon which all action is based. Everything happens automatically. All that befalls you, all that is done by you—happens…” read the entire chapter

      Andrew Carnegie also made similar discovery. Grab the book called “The wisdom of Andrew Carnegie’s as told by Napoleon Hill.” STUDY STUDY STUDY

  4. Jennifer AngelChandler

    Thank You

  5. that was really good, waiting for the next webinar.

  6. Bill from Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada

  7. Timothy from Cincinnati, Ohio

  8. I’m listening and really appreciate it!

  9. I’m in Atlanta, Ga

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