Lessons Learned from Bob Proctor

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  1. People trying to thinking that ” Why I failed” you never understand the industry not own by anyone, and the fact that it is people said ” someone greater in your field” then you look down on yourself, someone lower you tend to said you very proud of your little success to feeling great, that is not success people. come on.

  2. In business people wanted to thinking that setting a bar high in the industry means risky or doing something different which is rather inconvininet to play safe for it by referring the same material of what others did, that literally just failed. I think I listen Brian 10 Key to personal power very true, people seldom do excellent in things by distracted of their way of expressing instead on focus what they don’t have that what others have, that is the root cause of why people focus on others for having what they don’t have, and compare it, which is lmiting your ability to do well.

  3. I don’t said Paradigm not work, I study it too.

  4. I love you #❤❤❤

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